Air Quality Forecasts

Air Quality and Air Quality Forecasts- by Kimberly Cook


Prince William Sound Low effects on Anchorage Bowl- by Tina Stott
Forecast Challenges Associated with Southern Alaska- by Jeff Estes

Alberta Clipper

The Alberta Clipper- by Stephanie Armstrong
Alberta Clipper Systems as They Pertain to Dayton, OH- by Jason Testa
Cloud Forecasting in the Wake of Clipper Systems in Toledo, Ohio- by Norm Van Ness

The Albuquerque Box

The Albuquerque Box: Ballooning & Weather Forecasting- by Allison Smith

California Micro-Climates

Summer Micro-climates in San Luis Obispo County- by Reynolds Wolf

Canyon Winds

East Canyon Winds of New Mexico- by Rick DeReyes

Capping Layer

The Cap: Relevance to North Texas Weather- by Todd Wilson

Cayman Islands

Influence of Wind and Fronts on Cayman Islands- by John Tibbetts


Chinook Wind Forecasting- by Scott Elnes

Cold Air Damming

A Forecast for the "Dammed": When to Hedge on "the Wedge"- by Brooks Garner
Precipitation Type with Cold Air Damming in the Carolina Piedmont- by Derek Johnson
Cold Air Damming in the Carolina Piedmont- by Joshua Marthers
Cold Air Damming Along the East Coast- by Robert Meyer
Cold Air Damming: Eastern US- by Clayton Stiver

Cold Air Funnel

Cold Core Funnel Clouds near Winnipeg, Manitoba- by John Sauder

Colorado Low

The Colorado Low- by Brian Smith


A Study of Derechos- by Christopher Martin


The Impact of a Record Drought in 2005 on Illinois Farmers- by Jeffrey Muniz
North Carolina Drought- by Christopher Shipman
Drought and Soil Moisture in Georgia's August 2007 Record Heat- by Stephan Mendenhall
The Effects of the 2007 Drought on Georgia's Water Supply- by Danielle Norford
Urbanization in North Georgia on the Severity of the Drought- by Heather Harper

The Dry Slot

Dry Slots along the I-95 Corridor: DC to Boston- by Raphael Miranda


Heavy Snow with NE Flow over Lakenheath, England- by Corey Simonson


Effects of El-Nino Southern Oscillation on Mississippi Weather- by Jennifer Powell

Fire Weather

Fire Weather, Patterns and Processes- by Jason Seale

Flash Floods / Heavy Rain / Flooding

Forecasting Flash Flood Events in Eastern Kentucky- by Jim Freeman
Las Vegas Valley Heavy Rain Event- by Laszlo Krifaton
Affects of Heavy Rainfall in the San Fernando Valley- by Lisa Rodriguez
Flooding in Central Indiana- by Scott Cassin
Flash Flood Forecasting Problems in Central Iowa- by Justin Sacher
Mesoscale Convective Thunderstorms in Las Vegas- by Dana Wagner


Forecasting Sea Fog in the Florida Panhandle- by Jessica Bonner
The Foggy Season in the San Joaquin Valley- by Ashlee Bussiere
Valley Fog Forecasting in the Greater Sacramento Region- by Julie Watts
Low-level Stratus and Fog Development in Houston, Texas- by Andrew Vines
Forecast Challenges of Mississippi Coastal Fog- by Jacqueline Miller

Georgia Triangle

The Central Georgia Triangle- by Mike Fuller


Forecasting Heavy Snowfall to Southern Germany and Alps- by Daniel Mike

Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico Influence of Coastal Mississippi- by Frank Lennon


Influence of Topography on Precipitation in Hawai'i- by Jeff Booth
Orographic Precipitation in Hawai'i- by Justin Fujioka


Forecasting Fluctuations in Hurricane Intensity- by Matthew Euler
Houston-Galveston Hurricane Preparation- by Khambrel Marshall
What Florida Can Do To Reduce Insurance Rates and Storm Damage- by Dina Nesheiwat
Impacts of a Landfalling Tropical System on Southeast Louisiana- by Stacey Haniford
Hurricane Impacts on Florida: Coastal and Inland- by Michael Taylor
More Strength= Less Damage and less costs along South Carolina Coast- by Tom Crawford

Ice Storms / Freezing Rain / Winter Weather

Freezing Rain Prediction and Prevention (Pittsburgh)- by Mike Poremba
Forecasting Central Virginia's Winter Precipitation- by Paul Milliken
The Difficulties of Forecasting Winter Precipitation In North Texas- by Stacey Geer
Winter Weather and Atlanta's Sprawl- by James Wright
Forecasting Freezing Rain: Central Illinois- by Joe Crain
South Carolina: Freezing Rain Associated with Gulf Lows- by Jamie Christopher
Mixed Precipitation across Central New Jersey- by Diane Ackerlund
Ice Storms in the Midwest- by Sandy Gallant


Forecasting During an Inversion- by Debbie Worthen


Forecasting Dust Storms in Iraq- by Michelle Moses

Korea, Japan, Far East

The Changma- by Jay Bushey
Stratus Ceilings with the Baiu Front, Okinawa- by Brian McDonald

Lake Breeze / Lake Influence

Lake and Land Breezes on Lake Erie and Summertime Weather- by Jay Blackburn
The Influence of Lake Michigan On West Michigan Weather- by Ron Boyd
Lake Michigan and the Effects It Has On Fort Wayne, IN- by Jason Meyers

Lake-effect Snow

Lake-Effect Snow: Forecasting Lake Snow Amounts in OH and PA- by Frank Marzullo
Secondary Snowbelt Region of Northeast Ohio- by Eric Snitil
Forecasting the Correct Path of a Lake Effect Band- by Amber Wakefield

Marine Layer

The Marine Layer, Coastal Fog, and the Los Angeles Basin- by John Askins


Mountains in West & Water in East (Maryland Challenges)- by Susan Wood

Mid-Atlantic States

Chesapeake Bay / Mountain Range on Weather in the Baltimore Area- by Jessica Starr
Meteorological Influence from Sea Shore and Inland Forest Geography- by Terry Saude


The North American Monsoon- by Jeff Hawks
North American Monsoon Forecasting Difficulties- by Keith Brandt
Forecasting the Dangers of the Southwestern Monsoon- by April Warnecke

Orographics / Topography

The Shenandoah Valley, An Orographic Hotspot- by Leigh Abraham
Forecasting for Knoxville, Tennessee (topographic influences)- by Craig Edwards
Rain Shadow Effect: Forecasting Precipitation in the Coachella Valley- by Sam Argier
What Makes Hood Canal White, and Seattle Wet?- by Rick VanCise
Lee Side Cyclogenesis via Canadian Rockies- by Richard Ozero
Southern California Orographic Lifting- by Curtis Peek
Forecasting Difficulties of the Rainshadow (California)- by Jodi Kodesh
Pacific Northwest Rain Shadow- by Corey Christiansen
Western vs. Eastern Washington State- by Scott Haveson
The Santa Cruz Mountains Effect on Precipitation Forecasting- by Rob Goozee

Piedmont Trough

The Piedmont Trough- by James Hopkins

Pinapple Express

The Pineapple Express: Central/Southern Coast of California- by Lisa Coburn

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: Topography and Thunderstorms- by Deborah Martorell

San Francisco / Bay Area

Bay Area Weather- by Frances Dinglasan

Santa Ana Wind

The Santa Ana Winds and their Impact on Southern California- by George Snarbery III
Santa Ana Winds: California Curse- by Rosemary Sotelo
Santa Ana Winds- by Michelle Transue

Sea Breeze

Spring and Summer Sea Breeze: New York City Region- by Chris Knowles

Severe Weather- Thunderstorms

Prefrontal squall lines in Biloxi, Mississippi- by Leah Harris-Lupton
TV Hail Forecasting: Issues and Damages- by James Rudd
Low Instability / High Shear Severe Weather- by Dana Barker
Effects of Topography on North Georgia Severe Weather- by Matt McCrary
Kansas and Springtime Severe Weather- by Gene Vialle


Forecasting Smoke-Fog in Central Florida- by Dan Billow


Forecasting Snow Amounts In a Maritime Topographic Environment- by Nick Allard
Forecasting Snow in the South- by Donnie Cox
Mesoscale Snow Banding- by Kelly Heidbreder
Blizzard Conditions,Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota- by Mark Hendrickson
Thundersnow!- by Sam Schwartz
Snow Forecasting in Extreme SE Virginia- by Dave Perrin
The Difficulties Forecasting Northwest Flow Snow- by Richard Siltzer
Treasure Valley, Idaho: Winter Weather Forecasting- by Brian Carrington
Alberta Clipper vs. Southern Plains-Type Snows in Wisconsin- by Josh Blumenfeld

Storm Damage

Using Forensic Meteorology To Validate an Insurance Claim- by Peter Balingit


The Effects of Wind Direction on Houston Weather- by Steven Atkinson
South Texas Weather: Roles of Geography and Climate- by Steve Roldan

Tornadoes / Tornadogenesis

Understanding Tornadogenesis in Relation to the Denver Cyclone- by Crystal Egger
The Denver Convergence-Vorticity Zone - Chaserís Perspective- by Steve Hamilton
Tornadoes in the Boston Mountains of Northern Arkansas- by Lucas McDonald
Is the Mid-South the New Tornado Alley?- by Trent Okerson
Non-Mesocyclonic Tornadic Environments- by John Utech
"Super Tuesday" Tornado Outbreak: February 5, 2008- by Brian Casey
Forecasting Tornadic Activity in South Florida- by Christina Richey
Effectiveness of County-Wide Tornado Warnings, Ohio- by Tina Pietrondi

United Kingdom

The Icelandic Low and its Influence on RAF Mildenhall- by Micah Hulme

Urban Heat Island

The Urban Heat Island Effect And Its Influence On Summer Precipitation- by Ron Childers


Northwest Winds influence on Weather in Champaign, Illinois- by Jill Henriksen
Why is Chicago called "The Windy City"?- by Tim Berry