Contiguous United States Map Room

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Analysis of Today's Atmosphere
Circulation Over the Nation
850 mb (Ohio State)- 850 mb Analysis
700 mb (Ohio State)- 700 mb Analysis
500 mb (Ohio State)- 500 mb Analysis
300 mb (Ohio State)- 250 mb Analysis
A Look at the Surface
Surface Maps (COD)- Surface Charts
Surface Map (Unisys)- Surface Chart
Surface Maps (UCAR)- Surface Charts
Surface (Unisys NAM)- Surface Model
Surface Obs (UCAR)- Current METARS

Radar and Satellite Time
Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere
Radar (COD)- Radar Images
Radar (NWS)- Radar Images
Radar (Intellicast)- Radar (Winter Weather Radar)
IR Satellite (UCAR)- Show me U.S. IR!
VIS Satellite (UCAR)- Show me U.S. Visible!
WV Satellite (UCAR)- Show me U.S. Water Vapor!

Severe Weather Forecasting Maps (Tornado, Hail, Wind Gusts, Heavy Rain)
Assess: Moisture, Instability, Wind Shear, Lift and Capping
Sfc Dewpoint
PW chart
Column RH
Forecast CAPE
Forecast LI
Sfc Temp
Wind Shear
850 mb wind
Skew-T Wind
Jet Stream
EHI Forecast
700 mb UVV
Sfc. Conv
850 WAA
700 mb Temp
cap, CINH

Winter Storms can bring Snow, Sleet, and Freezing Rain
Assess: Temperature Profile, Moisture, Lift
Temperature Profile
Sfc Temp
850-mb Temp
Skew-T Profile
Skew-T profile
850-500 RH
Sfc Dewpoint
700 mb UVV
Sfc Convergence

Mesoscale Analysis and Discussions
Assess: latest index values, mesoscale model analysis, commentary
From the Horses' Mouth: SPC and NWS
Storm Prediction Center- Mesoanalysis Page
Storm Prediction Center- Mesoscale Discussion
Storm Prediction Center- Watch/Warning Display
Storm Prediction Center- Convective Outlook
NWS Discussion- Obs, Forecast Discussions

Famous Weather Channel Current Maps; And.. Maps About How You Feel!
Weather Channel Maps
TWC- Surface Map
TWC- 36-Precip Forecast
TWC- Storm Forecast
TWC- Weather Alerts
How Does it Feel Out There?
TWC- Wind Chill
TWC- Heat Index
AccuWx- sun: UV values
TWC- Wind
AccuWx- Air Quality

Thickness Charts and Additional Charts Used in Operational Meteorology
Thickness Charts
NGM (Unisys)- 1000-500 mb Thickness
Earl's- Winter Critical Thickness Layers
Additional Charts and Data
Albany- DIFAX
Texas A&M- METAR
COD- Isentropic Charts

Fortune Telling: The Future!
Output from Synoptic Models
NAM (Unisys)- Mesoscale (NAM)
GFS (Unisys)- Forecast System (GFS)
Long Range (Unisys)- GFS-X
MOS (Most Outstanding Statistics)
Model Output Statistics- All MOS
MOS (NWS)- By Model
Gridded (GMOS)- NWS Grids
Interpret Guides- Learn More

Read All About it: Weather Headlines!
Weather Headlines
Weather Channel- Headlines
AccuWeather- Headlines
Give Me Wx Forecast Video!
AccuWeather- Nation Wx Summary

Anything Brewing in the Tropics??
The Tropical Connection
National Hurricane Center- Discussions
Going Underground- Tropical Wunderground
Weather Channel- Tropical Desk (if storm present)
Atlantic Track Chart- Track the Storm
Gulf of Mexico Chart- Track the Storm

Map Room Jargon: Each jargon term used in the map room is given below as a link that will explain the term, phrase or concept.

Capping Layer
Capping (700 mb Temperature)
Cap on Skew-T
Convective Inhibition (CINH) on Skew-T
Charts (Surface, 850, 700, 500, 300)
Charts (Common Analysis Charts)
Convergence at Surface and near Surface
Convection Forecasting / Dynamic Forecasting
Convective Instability
Energy Helicity Index (EHI)
Great Forecaster Series
Hail (Forecasting Hail)
Heavy Rain (Forecasting)
Hurricane (Formation)
Instability (What is it?)
Instability (CAPE)
Instability (LI)
Jargon: Forecast Discussions
Jet Streak
Jet Stream
Unisys Format Model Interpretation
Models (Why the Different Models)
Moisture (Dewpoint, Relative Humidity)
Moisture (Column Relative Humidity)
Moisture (Precipitable Water)
MOS (using MOS)
Pressure (High and Low Pressure Types)
Thermal Adection (Warm Air Advection (WAA), Cold Air Advection (CAA))
Tornado (Formation)
Tropical Weather
Upward Vertical Velocity (UVV), Dynamic UVV
Vorticity (lift through PVA)
Weather Analysis Skills
Weather Websites
Wind (Convective Wind Gusts)
Wind Shear
Winter Weather Forecasting (Thickness Guides)
General Winter Weather Forecasting
Z Time