Each season has its own romantic flavor. In the spring it is flowers and blooming plants. In the summer it is the beach, lake, sunshine, rainbows and summer vacations. In the fall it is fall colors. In the winter it is the beauty of falling snow, an escape to a tropical resort and time together for the holidays. Certain weather events can bring out romantic feelings. Great weather combined with a feeling of romance can make us think of flowers, Valentine's Day, romantic love, and happy memories. Below are some of the common impressions from specific weather:

Warm and sunny: the urge to go outside and do thing outside with your lover
RAI NBO W : the colors of the prism show beauty and awe and can remind of the beauty of your lover
Snow: each snowflake is its own work of crystal art and they way the flakes float through the air and drift around is a beauty of nature
Rain on roses: the wetting of roses bring out their softness, gloss, color and beauty
Wind: can hear the noises created by wind, beautiful hair wafting in the wind

While weather can bring out romantic feelings it can also spoil romance. Rain, cold, thunder, hotness and fog can be spoilers. The lack of sun day after day can be a downer. Fog and gray skies dull colors and can give the feeling of gloominess. Rain and excessive heat or cold are a downer for enjoying outdoor activities. Extremely dry air can make people feel on edge. It is during the gloomy weather that we can call on that higher power to lift our spirits. Thank goodness there is plenty that can be done indoors to forget about the gloomy weather outside. And also gloomy weather can just make us look forward to when the weather is beautiful again and the beautiful feelings flowing higher again.

Indoor romance tends to peak when the weather is at its worse. In can help people forget about all the problems the weather is causing outside. For example, during big winter snow storms there tends to be a peak in babies being born 9 months later. At times when trapped at the home, work is canceling and nothing can be done outside is the time indoor love can flourish. It is ironic and a paradox that romance will flourish when the weather is at its best and also when it is at its worst. Beautiful weather helps people see beauty in their lover. Lousy weather helps people see beauty in their lover so they can escape thinking about how bad the weather is outside. It is a sweet escape of weathering the weather whether the weather is super fine or super gloomy.

Weather can have an interesting influence on moods. Changes in sunlight, pressure, temperature and other factors can suddenly put the mind in a different frame. A storm event can suddenly put us in a different mood. We just seem to somehow feel different during different weather events. For example, if someone loves thunderstorms and snow storms they will get a special feeling of happiness when these events happen. It is simply a love for this type of weather! This love can rub off on those around us. Romance can flourish when our minds are happy and stimulated. Weather is one of those stimulants.

As the weather changes, think about the way you feel. You will discover all sorts of interesting connections between your moods and romance depending on the weather. If there is weather that makes you happy then enjoy it and if it is unhappy weather think about how great it will be when the happy weather comes back.