Much of the world's population lives near a lake or ocean. The weather on the lake and ocean is extremely important to boating, surfing, fishing, swimming, and enjoying the scenery. Below are weather parameters that are important when being on and near the lake or ocean.

Wind: The wind tends to be stronger along the shore and over the open water. This is because there is less friction to slow the movement of air. There are no trees and buildings to slow the wind. Be prepared for the potential of windy weather when going out on and near the water especially if the weather is chilly. Windy conditions can make the water much more dangerous to be in. Even with no wind it can be dangerous. Make sure to have a lifejacket.

Sun: A great percentage of sunburns occur when people visit the shore and go out in the water. This is because of having more exposed skin and spending many hours in the sunlight. Also the reflection of sunlight off the water will increase sun exposure. Make sure to take sunblock with you and put on the sunblock enough to prevent a sunburn. Sunburns are quickest when the sun is high in the sky.

Water temperature: The water temperature can be much different than the air temperature. If you are going to be in the water prepare for how cold the water will be. Usually water does not feel too warm but it can feel cold especially if there is dry and windy weather.

Temperature: Especially when the weather is hot make sure to drink plenty of fluids. The body loses lots of fluids when active outside in warm weather. If temperatures are cold make sure to prepare by wearing layered clothing.