The following 50 question quiz asks multiple choice questions based on Haby Hints 401 through 450 covered at this link:

An answer key is provided at the bottom of this webpage.

401. When making a resume tape of weather broadcasts it is a good idea to:
a. Use plenty of jargon to impress the viewers
b. Try not to make eye contact with the camera
c. Follow instructions given by the AMS or NWA carefully
d. Pick days with possible severe weather

402. A hurricane is moving toward the west and directly toward central Florida. Which portion of Florida should expect the greatest storm surge and highest wind?
a. Northern Florida coast
b. Southern Florida coast

403. Why is hail rare in a hurricane?
a. Intense instability
b. Very high freezing level
c. Dry air aloft
d. Lack of condensation nuclei
e. Weak winds aloft

404. All help contribute to a tornado alley in the plains region of the U.S. except:
a. High instability
b. Strong wind shear
c. Very moist air in middle and upper troposphere and weak winds aloft
d. Rich supply of low level moisture from the Gulf of Mexico
e. Fronts, mid-latitude cyclones and troughs are common
f. All of the above help contribute

405. All contribute to producing a low level capping inversion that can prevent thunderstorm development EXCEPT:
a. Sinking air aloft
b. Warm air advection aloft
c. Significant cooling of the earth's surface
d. Cooling aloft produced by strong uplift

406. What are straight-line winds?
a. Winds generated by a tornado
b. Wind gusts generated by a thunderstorm
c. Average wind speed on a typical day
d. Wind speed observed aloft where the influence of friction is not significant

407. The thermal wind tends to be orientated:
a. Parallel to the 500 mb height contours and 1000 to 500 mb thickness lines
b. Perpendicular to the 500 mb height contours and 1000 to 500 mb thickness lines

408. Which of the following is true and explains why frost can form before the temperature cools to the dew point and explains why the temperature and dewpoint lines tend to diverge with height on a Skew-T even when the air is saturated with respect to ice:
a. The frost point is a lower temperature than the dew point
b. The frost point is a higher temperature than the dew point

409. If no lifting mechanisms are present then daytime heating will likely not be enough to initiate thunderstorm development if the 700 mb temperature is higher than a critical value of ____ C.
a. 4
b. 8
c. 12
d. 16
e. 20

410. A surface pressure of 980 mb would represent a benchmark value for:
a. Lowest pressure observed on earth's surface
b. Average sea level pressure
c. CAT 1 Hurricane or a very intense mid-latitude cyclone
d. Strong high pressure system

411. This is Haby's pick as the best place to live in the U.S. to observe weather in Haby Hint #411:
a. Upstate New York
b. Florida
c. Northern Plains (Dakotas, Nebraska and vicinity)
d. Texas Panhandle / Western Oklahoma
e. Eastern Colorado / Western Kansas

412. Which of the following is true during an eyewall replacement cycle:
a. Maximum sustained wind speeds tend to increase in the eyewall
b. A smaller eye expands outward and replaces a larger eye
c. The core of strongest wind tends to become more compact
d. Eyewall replacement cycles are common when a hurricane reaches CAT 5 status

413. These are the three hurricanes in 2005 what were CAT 5 while in the Gulf and each struck the U.S. Gulf coast:
a. Katrina, Rita, Wilma
b. Andrew, Camille, Katrina
c. Danny, Katrina, Wilma
d. Bob, Donna, Stacy

414. How is the center of a tropical system determined?
a. Region with strongest convection
b. Region with lowest pressure
c. Region with highest wind speed
d. Region with highest storm surge

415. Which of the following is true:
a. Everyone likes sunny weather
b. Everyone likes warm temperatures
c. Everyone thinks the weather is nice when it is not raining
d. None of the above

416. In order for a hurricane to develop, which ingredient of the choices below is needed:
a. Strong vertical wind shear
b. Very strong trade wind inversion
c. Warm sea surface temperatures
d. Broad region of surface high pressure

417. All the following are true about tornadoes EXCEPT:
a. A thunderstorm is required in order for a tornado to occur
b. They can either be in contact with the ground or only exist aloft as a funnel
c. Low level wind inflow, instability and wind shear are needed in order for a tornado to develop
d. A tornado will have a violently rotating column of air associated with it

418. There are some cases in which temperatures will actually warm after a cold front passage.
a. True
b. False

419. The CBM (Certified Broadcast Meteorologist) test is offered by:
a. Mississippi State University
b. National Weather Association
c. American Meteorological Society
d. National Weather Service

420. Greater overnight cooling will occur when the boundary layer:
a. Decouples
b. Does not decouple

421. When strong Cold Air Advection occurs at 850 mb during the day time there is a tendency for the high temperature predicted by the forecast models to be:
a. Overestimated
b. Underestimated

422. Checking the weather conditions that will be advecting toward the forecast area is important since they will have an important impact on the future weather. A forecaster checks the weather conditions advecting toward the region by examining the:
a. Downstream conditions
b. Upstream conditions

423. When the conditions set up for strong radiational cooling the low temperature will often fall ___________ what forecast model consensus indicates. Conditions for strong radiational cooling at night include clear skies, a long night, dry air, snow on the ground and light wind.
a. Below
b. Above

424. The ___________ night after a cold front passage tends to be colder. This is because the winds tend to be lighter the second night, skies tend to be clear and most of the Cold Air Advection has occurred by that point.
a. First
b. Second
c. Third

425. The influence of a lake or ocean will always be to keep the temperatures cooler than it otherwise would be without the influence of the lake or ocean.
a. True
b. False

426. (Statement 1) If there is more cloud cover during the daylight hours than expected then the high temperature will tend to be lower than expected. (Statement 2) If there is more cloud cover during the overnight hours than expected then the low temperature will tend to be lower than expected.
a. Both statements are true
b. Both statements are false
c. Statement 1 is true and Statement 2 is false
d. Statement 1 is false and Statement 2 is true

427. The two variables that meteorologists examine on the MOS to forecast precipitation are:
a. Cloud cover and dewpoint
b. Dewpoint and ceiling
c. POZ and OBV
d. POP and QPF

428. It is important to not only forecast when precipitation will occur but also when it will occur.
a. True
b. False

429. Taking of model consensus on the temperature forecast in many situations is a good idea. All of the following are good situations to take model consensus except:
a. There is a stagnant airmass over the forecast area
b. All the models have a common consensus
c. There are no clouds
d. The weather pattern is changing
e. The weather is typical to what should occur that time of the year

430. A POP of 25 indicates a good chance for precipitation.
a. True
b. False

431. MOS is an integral part of putting together a specific temperature and precipitation forecast.
a. True
b. False

432. The typical wind direction that a location has for a certain time of the year is called the _____________ wind. When the wind is from the prevailing direction then the weather is generally typical. When the wind shifts away from the prevailing direction then it often indicates atypical or changing weather.
a. Westerly
b. Easterly
c. Prevailing
d. Curious
e. Thermal

433. Which statement is false regarding the temperature of a thermometer placed in the backyard.
a. When the thermometer is too close to the house, warmer or cooler air from the house can contaminate the measurement
b. A thermometer in the sunlight will read much too high. The official temperature measurement is made in the shade
c. If the thermometer is close to metal it will read too low when the sun is out
d. The thermometer should be about 5 to 6 feet off the ground since the official measurements are taken near this height. Thermometer may read too warm in the day if it is too close to the ground and too cool during the night if it is too close to the ground

434. A precipitation rate of 0.15 inches per hour of rain is:
a. Light rain
b. Rain
c. Heavy rain

435. What causes advection fog?
a. Produced when very cold air moves over a body of water
b. Produced when air that is warmer and more moist than the ground surface moves over the ground surface
c. Produced when clear skies and light winds allow the temperature to cool to the dewpoint
d. Produced when air flows upslope into higher elevations regions and fog develops

436. Where is the bear's cage?
a. Downdraft region of a severe thunderstorm
b. Inside the eyewall of a hurricane
c. Precipitation that wraps around a mesocyclone
d. The region with blizzard conditions in association with a low pressure system

437. Where is the lion's den?
a. Downdraft region of a severe thunderstorm
b. Inside the eyewall of a hurricane
c. Precipitation that wraps around a mesocyclone
d. The region with blizzard conditions in association with a low pressure system

438. Suppose the mean temperature for a day is 35 F. The number of heating degree days is using DD-65 is:
a. 10
b. 20
c. 30
d. 40

439. (Statement 1) During the daytime hours, a lighter wind will typically lead to a warmer high temperature. (Statement 2) During the overnight hours, a lighter wind will typically lead to a cooler low temperature.
a. Both statements are true
b. Both statements are false
c. Statement 1 is true and Statement 2 is false
d. Statement 1 is false and Statement 2 is true

440. Wrap-around snow will typically occur on the _________ side of a low pressure system.
a. West
b. East

441. When evacuating due to a hurricane it is important to do all of the following except:
a. Clean out refrigerator
b. Taking important documents and identifications with you
c. Have phone numbers of friends and relatives
d. Keep the power turned on in the home

442. Before an ice storm hits it is most important to have:
a. Current newspaper
b. Supply of non-perishable food and water
c. Board games
d. Video games

443. Which of the following is bad advice to follow during an electrical storm or flash flood?
a. Unplug sensitive equipment during a thunderstorm
b. Do not drive into water of unknown depth
c. If the power goes out have a battery operated radio and mini-TV
d. Go outside when lightning occurs

444. At standard temperature and pressure the density of air is _______ kilograms per meter cubed.
a. 1.275
b. 5.893
c. 9.284
d. 11.783

445. The temperature and dewpoint can not be negative on the Fahrenheit temperature scale.
a. True
b. False

446. Which of the following would most likely cause a fogging up on the inside of the windows in a car?
a. Decreasing relative humidity inside car due to turning on heater
b. Very humid air outside with the windows being colder than the air outside
c. Breathing out moisture that raises the relative humidity in the car to 100%
d. The air outside being the same temperature as the air in the car

447. Which of the following statements is false concerning orographic lifting?
a. Rising air cools
b. Rising air decreases in relative humidity
c. Other terms for orographic lifting are upslope flow and topographic uplift
d. Orographic lifting can lead to clouds and precipitation

448. Low pressure systems spin clockwise and thus anticyclonically in the Southern Hemisphere.
a. True
b. False

449. Which of the following helps lead to lower pressure:
a. Sinking air
b. Upper level divergence and low level convergence
c. Rising air
d. Upper level convergence and low level divergence
e. Both a and d
f. Both b and c

450. What is a weather pattern?
a. Weather that is typical
b. The climatology of a region
c. The same weather repeating for several days
d. A rapid change in the weather


401. C 411. E 421. A 431. A 441. D
402. A 412. D 422. B 432. C 442. B
403. B 413. A 423. A 433. C 443. D
404. C 414. B 424. B 434. B 444. A
405. D 415. D 425. B 435. B 445. B
406. B 416. C 426. C 436. C 446. C
407. A 417. B 427. D 437. A 447. B
408. B 418. A 428. A 438. C 448. B
409. C 419. C 429. D 439. A 449. F
410. C 420. A 430. B 440. A 450. C