The following 50 question quiz asks multiple choice questions based on Haby Hints 451 through 500 covered at this link:

An answer key is provided at the bottom of this webpage.

451. Does global warming produce stronger hurricanes?
a. It has been proven
b. It has been disproven
c. Research is ongoing

452. Which statement is most false:
a. If the ground surface temperature is at or below freezing and liquid precipitation is falling to the surface then the precipitation type will be freezing rain.
b. If the ground surface temperature is above freezing and liquid precipitation is falling to the surface then the precipitation type will be rain.
c. If the surface air temperature is above about 30 F then most likely the precipitation type will be rain.
d. If the ground surface temperature is above freezing, sleet and snow will melt as it reaches the surface. An exception to this is when heavy sleet or snow falls and the accumulation rate exceeds the melting rate.

453. Why is the ITCZ mean position North of the Equator?
a. There is more ocean area in the Northern Hemisphere
b. The Coriolis force is stronger in the Northern Hemisphere
c. There tends to be lower pressure due to more landmass near the Northern Hemisphere equatorial region
d. The magnetic pole is in the Northern Hemisphere

454. For each of the 5 statements below, which one best describes weather?
a. It is typically hot in the summer
b. It usually only snows one time per winter
c. The earth's average temperature seems to be warming
d. It is raining with a temperature of 34 F
e. The low temperature is below normal

455. The Haby Hint gave several definitions for dry air, which statement below is NOT one of them?
a. Warm air that has a small dewpoint depression
b. Air with no water vapor
c. Air with a low relative humidity
d. Air with a low dewpoint

456. A parcel of air has a dewpoint of 8 C. What is the dewpoint of this parcel after the parcel rises 2 kilometers and remains unsaturated.
a. 10 C
b. 8 C
c. 6 C
d. 4 C

457. A region of divergence in the upper troposphere initiates upward vertical motion. Rising air cools and this helps create a ___________ aloft.
a. Trough
b. Ridge

458. Which of the following would be most expected from an airmass thunderstorm?
a. Tornado
b. Brief heavy rain and gusty winds
c. Severe straight line winds
d. Large hail
e. Light rain that lasts for several hours

459. Which of the following is an example of cold thermal advection?
a. Cold front transporting cooler air into the forecast area
b. Radiation cooling at night
c. Evaporational cooling and causes the temperatures to fall
d. Cooling aloft produced by rising air
e. The cool wind of thunderstorm outflow
f. All of the above

460. A surface low pressure system is located directly south of you while a surface high pressure system is located directly north of you. The expected surface wind direction is from the __________.
a. Northwest
b. Northeast
c. Southwest
d. Southeast

461. How much faster approximately does light travel than sound?
a. 4 times as fast
b. 10 times as fast
c. 86 times as fast
d. 882,000 times as fast

462. This is an instability increase caused by an increase of dewpoints within the troposphere especially in the lower troposphere.
a. Convective Instability of the First Kind
b. Convective Instability of the Second Kind

463. Which of the following has the highest albedo?
a. Fresh snow
b. Old or dirty ice
c. Water with sun directly overhead
d. Blacktop

464. A chinook wind causes:
a. A cooling and moistening of air
b. A cooling and drying of air
c. A warming and moistening of air
d. A warming and drying of air

465. The two primary sources for local severe weather information are:
a. The NWS and weather broadcasters
b. Online web sites and FM radio
c. Word of mouth and sirens
d. Cell phones and satellite radio

466. What is meant by "the cold front and cold air mass is modifying"?
a. The front is gaining in forward speed
b. The air behind the front is not as cold as it once was
c. The cold front and cold air mass have dissipated
d. It means it is turning into a warm front

467. The shape of Earth is a(n):
a. Oblate spheroid
b. Perfect sphere
c. Eroded square
d. Apple shape

468. When an ice cube is freezing, instead of cooling, the ice cube:
a. Warms
b. Remains at a constant temperature
c. Condenses
d. Evaporates

469. Which weather do people complain about least?
a. Windy
b. Temperature too warm or too cold
c. Rain
d. Sunny day, mild temperature, light wind

470. The rate of evaporation depends least on:
a. Temperature of water and air
b. Relative humidity of air
c. Tidal influences
d. Wind speed
e. Amount of direct sunlight

471. If the earth was not tilted, which of the following would be most true?:
a. Equatorial regions would be much hotter
b. Polar regions would be much colder
c. Seasonal changes would be small
d. Winters would be colder and summers would be hotter

472. If the earth did not rotate, which of the following would be most true?:
a. The same side of the Earth would always face the sun
b. The global circulation patterns would be the same as they are on Earth now
c. The Coriolis deflection would be more than it currently is on Earth
d. A day would be the same length of time as a year

473. If the earth was tilted by 90 degrees, which of the following would be most true?
a. Each pole would directly face the sun twice per year
b. Both poles would be very hot or very cold at the same time
c. The sun would always rise in the east and set in the west when viewed from Earth
d. Each pole would alternate between 3 months of light and dark

474. 1013.25 mb = ___________ inches of mercury.
a. 30.10
b. 29.92
c. 29.10
d. 28.85

475. The flow from high to low pressure is caused by the:
a. Coriolis force
b. Frictional force
c. Gravitational force
d. Centripetal force
e. Pressure Gradient force

476. Which is the following is true a friction?
a. It slows the wind down from what it would be if the wind was geostrophic
b. Friction causes an imbalance between the pressure gradient and Coriolis forces
c. Friction can release energy through noise, vibrations and motions
d. All of the above

477. What is specific volume?
a. Mass times acceleration
b. Force per unit area
c. Mass divided by volume
d. Density times gravity times height
e. Volume divided by mass

478. 60 F is twice the heat content as 30 F.
a. True
b. False

479. A 150 mph wind will tend to do twice as much damage as a 75 mph wind.
a. True
b. False

480. There is a temperature that has the same numerical value on both the Fahrenheit and Kelvin temperature scales. What is this value?
a. 574.25
b. 474.25
c. 374.25
d. 274.25

481. Mercury is used in liquid-in-glass barometers because it has this property:
a. High density
b. Low density
c. Clear color
d. Flowing nature

482. The average atomic weight of air is 28.97 atomic units. Water vapor has an atomic weight that is __________ than this value, thus when water vapor is added to the air it makes the air less dense.
a. Less
b. More

483. If it is 4 Z in Boston then what Z time is it in Los Angeles?
a. 1 Z
b. 2 Z
c. 3 Z
d. 4 Z

484. An astronaut on the moon fills a balloon with helium. He then walks on the moon's surface holding the balloon in his hand. He then lets go of the balloon. What happens to the balloon?
a. It rises
b. It falls to the moon's surface
c. It remains suspended at the same height he let it go

485. If the relative humidity decreases it could be due to:
a. Temperature decreasing or dewpoint decreasing
b. Temperature increasing or dewpoint increasing
c. Temperature decreasing or dewpoint increasing
d. Temperature increasing or dewpoint decreasing

486. A thunderstorm complex releases energy measured in the ___________ of Joules.
a. Millions
b. Billions
c. Trillions
d. Quadrillions

487. What is the mass of Earth's atmosphere?
a. 5.27 * 10^18 kilograms
b. 5.27 * 10^15 kilograms
c. 5.27 * 10^12 kilograms
d. 5.27 * 10^9 kilograms

488. The volume of a spherical raindrop is:
a. Length times width times height
b. 4*PI*radius^2
c. 4/3*PI*radius^3
d. PI*diameter

489. A cloud has an initial volume of 1 km^3. The cloud grows 1% bigger every minute than it was the previous minute. How big is the cloud in km^3 after 1 hour? y = x*(1 + z)^n
a. 1.82 km^3
b. 2.82 km^3
c. 3.82 km^3
d. 4.82 km^3

490. Which of the following on average produces the least weather related deaths per year?
a. Lightning
b. Tornadoes
c. Floods
d. Heat waves

491. What is the world record for the coldest temperature measured on Earth's surface?
a. -273 F
b. -194 F
c. -129 F
d. -87 F

492. Which U.S. city is the driest?
a. Yuma, Arizona
b. Bismarck, North Dakota
c. Denver, Colorado
d. Salt Lake City, Utah

493. The favorite meteorology job by subjective consensus is:
a. Forecast model developer
b. Forecaster for government, storm chaser, severe weather researcher
c. Private sector forecaster
d. Forensic meteorologist

494. On a night with record low temperatures all of the following conditions are common except:
a. Snow on the ground or soil temperature well below normal
b. Light wind
c. Dry air
d. Cloudy skies

495. Increasing the wind speed causes the temperature of the air to decrease.
a. True
b. False

496. The eastern U.S. tends to have more snow storms and colder weather when the NAO is:
a. Positive
b. Negative

497. El Nino occurs when the SOI is _____________ for an extended period of time.
a. Positive
b. Negative

498. The eastern U.S. tends to be warmer when the AO is:
a. Positive
b. Negative

499. Who is to blame for Hurricane Katrina damage?
a. Federal government
b. State government
c. Local government
d. Citizens
e. All of the above

500. Frozen dew occurs when:
a. Condensed water freezes
b. Deposition of water vapor to ice


451. C 461. D 471. C 481. A 491. C
452. C 462. B 472. D 482. A 492. A
453. C 463. A 473. A 483. D 493. B
454. D 464. D 474. B 484. B 494. D
455. A 465. A 475. E 485. D 495. B
456. D 466. B 476. D 486. D 496. B
457. A 467. A 477. E 487. A 497. B
458. B 468. B 478. B 488. C 498. A
459. A 469. D 479. B 489. A 499. E
460. B 470. C 480. A 490. B 500. A