Tickle Me

Tickle me, unfickle me
Please proceed to unpickle me

Tickle me, giggle me
Your little hilarious sayings wiggle me

Make me laugh, give an emotional bath
Put this soul on humor's path

Influence this funnybone, lovely honeycone
Absorb me like coconut juice into a plain snowcone

A bad day, bills to pay
Your jokes and cunning statements are a sun's ray

When around I'm never down
One smile and all is safe and sound without a frown

I want to hear your interesting stories
I want to hear your triumphs and mishaps
Your witty storytelling elevates me to a smiling glory
With both ears to hear, I'd listen through the years

Smiling and laughing- so natural with thou in my life
Everything brings fun and worthwhileness-
When our hands join, it ends all strife;
There exists a constant grinning happiness

Why am I here all alone
Waiting year after year for you to come home?

Jeff Haby