Hurricane Romantica

She brings up the seas to the knees
With her presence is great unease
For protection, they say please

The sky is a washing machine on the spin cycle
Emotions must be turbulent and gusty
The dampness and wind are cold like icicles

The noise of friction escapes from her
She is a beautiful violent person
Unfazed by my awe and romantic slaughter

I use her from witnessing by lustful looks
Not many understand being in the path of this terror
Her unified eyes could squash me like a roach in a closed book

She goes about business not keeping me in mind
I drive and find myself in her path
But I'm brushed aside like a flea in a turbine

It sells the soul short from not trying
With every conceivable method I adore and observe
Inside I'm crying and relying on a misunderstood faith

Wondering, wandering and watching before the crashing waves
Will she drown me or save me?
It all matters in what her heart craves

Jeff Haby