A Day in a Texas Heat Wave

After sunrise-
The air feels sticky,
Like honey drying and thick.

Texas heat gradually builds
As noontime approaches-
Heat such as in a warming oven
Or a roaring fire.

The heat and humidity combine
To a heat index of one-o-nine.
Sweat drips from every brow.
How a normal human can handle it-
I don't know how.

The sun is still only halfway
Across the sky.
Weak grass and bushes
Begin to wilt and die.

The temperature reaches 100 again.
Only sunset gives relief
From the red hot
Sunburning thief.

Praying tomorrow will be the day
That there will be rain
Because another 14 hours of the sun's ray
Will send a few more people insane.

Even with air conditioning
A Texas heat wave can be so frustrating.

Jeff Haby