The Severe Storm

The sun awakens in the misty morning sky
As whirling wind picks up from the south.
Across the hued horizon-- clouds fly--
And humidity climbs like moisture in a closed mouth.

Something definitely feels different
When walking outside this particular day.
The wetness of the air gives a scent--
That afternoon lightning and thunder
Will come out to play.

Towering thunderheads gradually replace
The sun's hot rays--
To the explosive cauliflower cumulus, curious people gaze;
Nature's atmospheric volcano blackens
As all eyes amaze.

A ferocious wind escapes from the bubbling base
And isolated HUGE raindrops begin to fall.
The angry wind is cool and gusty to the face--
And the nearby cascading rain curtain stands dark and tall--
While thunder bombs call
And lightning streaks race through space.

It was hot-- just one hour ago--
But now, speeding spheres of ice crash to the ground.
A mountain of water falls from above to below
While the hail and wind produce an awesome sound.

For safety and cover, many are bound
Since a rotating funnel has also been found.
The mind of every resident races
As they ponder the consequences
Their property and life now faces.

A turbid tornado screams over the land--
Sending debris halfway to the pinwheeling clouds.
It ravages buildings, trees and sand
As all nearby sirens cry loud.

Many continue to pray
For a chance to see a new day.
The storm finally wanders away--
And only a light rain is left.
Many walk outside with a disturbed daze--
Amazed at the destruction
Dismayed at the desolation.

Every imaginable emotion has been felt in just one hour;
No one can believe the severe storm's power.

Jeff Haby