Perfect Cloud

Pointing in tears over your silver-lined perfect cloud,
Elated how it unify the sky while in model.
Symbol of peace which lacks a single sound;
Hopeless to capture thou to fill my bottle.
Splendid lover- All my thoughts for you... Extend to.

Towering love above all landscape;
Endlessly wandering away while drifting still.
Keep the sun which brightens your golden cape.

Looking down I probably seem insignificant,
Object of an ant hugging the ground.
Vowing to forever follow your white love,
Each day I fly my kite- for you I'm bound.

Asking the winds of change to blow thou back,
So to rain on me- tears of love.

Is there a chance to touch your cloud?

Needing winds to fly up with your
Endless magical suspension, concealing gravity's law.
Entreating and wishing you come down as fog-
Satisfying, absorbing my love in a perfect smog.

Jeff Haby