Earthly Angel

She walks in elegance and grace
From place to place.
She is a songbird in perfect space
With a youthful awe strucking face.

She listens to heavenly music
And with compassion walks the earth.
One of God's favored daughters, from birth,
The eyes of the world at her sight thirst.

She is a breath of the freshest air-
With an unseen divinity, she cares and shares.
Only love transmits from her prayers;
For her, I look to the stars and stare.

Her personality and commitment are so true
With each task she masters.
Her soul is clear, just as the skies are transparent blue-
Surroundings change around her, if you only knew.

Her light is so bright and white
That it shines within me.
At her sight, my soul soars with all might,
Lifting toward a fantasy and wishful destiny.

According to her gifts-
She must of had a special past-
Within me, forever she will last.

Jeff Haby