How I Wait for You

The sun dips below the horizon
As brisk north winds pull clouds across the sky.
For tonight, the crying above
Will be frozen tears of love.

How I wait and wonder
When the first soft flake will touch my skin.
How I dream of pure perfection
Dancing and flying with the wind.

What a beautiful sunrise it will be
When brightest white covers my heart.
That day shall last forever
And we will never again be apart.

But tonight, the bitter cold wind burns.
Where are the crystals to warm my heart?
Will they start shortly
Or have they decided to avoid my heart?

Each second I try to keep my eyes open;
Trying not to give up and give into reality.
For your emotional blizzard
Is really all I think about.

My mind enters a cold deep sleep
Thinking of snow fluttering all around.
When I wake up-
Will the ground be covered with love and pureness
Or will there be forever hopelessness.

Jeff Haby