I the Moon

My core is sore,
Please don't ignore.

You have all that I lack
While I view
From my quiet, silent
And still world askew.

I the moon wander lonely
With no peace or devotion to hold;
At your consummation I stare- hopefully bold.

Moving forward but gaining no ground,
I pursue your love in infinite ways;
Look to the skies, I'm forever around
Like life's trusting parent- all the days.

I the moon rise with cries
And fall with calls
Of passionate intensity
As through the skies my lonely soul crawls
With the thought of being a part of your vitality.

Ceaselessly rotating and time flying by,
Your perfect sky inclines me to crave and lament.
I'll be after your love so to always occupy
My secluded reclusive temperament.

Absorbing pleasure of your crystal creation
Which turns in charm and grace;
Golden braided lands capture my breath,
Wholly wonder and beauty thou possess.

Like a magical silent movie thee move,
Harmoniousness of an atmosphere blest-
By the agency of years thou only improve,
I see thee well, and you are best.

From birth I've wanted to seize your seas
To take part in your schemes and dreams;
As long as an end to sunshine reprieve,
I'll wait for your loyal love on persistent knees
While revolving around your beautiful heart,
Tied around your little finger.

May the sun please stay to nurture our day,
Losing the light- we are lost like swallowed pills;
The rays are my hope and passageway
To delaying the anxiety and continuing all will.
I am the moon, and I see thee clear,
Please reach for my love, to dissolve this fear.

Someday- scrutinize the lunar skies
And recognize my forlorn cries.
With the sun I'll shine on you-
Giving my special pure message of love,
With your glimpse it will be true
That my love is a dove, flying high above you.

I the moon am a Capricorn
Praying persevering patience will end the scorn,
Until then I'll keep wandering the sky;
Earth, my love, may the sun never die.

Jeff Haby