You are a first kiss
And a memory I miss

You are the comic that makes me laugh
You are the warmth of a whirlpool bath

You are the glass of ice water that makes me thirst
You are the soulmate I've chased from birth

You are the knowledge that many never find
You are the path toward truth and brilliant sunshine

You are a fresh dancing dessert
You are a quenching to all my hurt

You are the voice of a sought after freedom
You are the dream that makes harsh reality numb

You are a fresh breath of mountain air
You are goodness through actions of care

You are the touch of an angel's hand
You are the one that helps me stand

You are a doctor to my heart and soul
You are a cookie, a sundae and a cinnamon role

You are the lips that touch my cheek
You are a gentle snowfall on a mountain peak

You are the star that guides me to righteousness
You are the guard and a divine preciousness

You are the finger that wipes away tears
You are a soother of fears whether you are far or near

You are a friend in a world of strangers
You are the end to loneliness and all angers

You are a timely back massage
And you are a true lover and not a mirage

Jeff Haby