Trees are not only beautiful but can add some climate control to the home. Trees can also be destructive, especially if they are not tamed. This essay will focus on the use of trees for cooling/warming, weather protection provided by trees, tree dangers, upkeep of trees, type of trees, and tree health.

A tree can be a cooling agent through the shade it provides. It can feel significantly cooler in the shade as compared to the direct sunlight. A tree that loses leaves in winter has a double advantage in that in the warm part of the year the leaves shade the ground and house while in the cold part of the year the lack of leaves allows more sunlight to warm the ground and house. If you want the tree to shade windows then the tree will need to be in front of the windows that get the most direct sunlight. Trees can provide protection for the home by being a wind break. The slowing of the wind occurs due to friction with the tree.

While trees can provide sun and wind protection they can also be destructive. It is amazing how heavy tree branches are. They are like pillars of falling concrete then they come crashing down. If you live in a location that has hurricanes and severe thunderstorms it is especially important to be mindful of windstorms that can cause tree limbs to come crashing down. During a severe thunderstorm often much of the damage that is done is by falling tree branches. Branches falling on cars or the home will do significant damage. To help prevent this damage it is a good idea to inspect the tree each year and cut off weak, dying, or ill positioned branches. The weak and dying branches are the most likely to fall first. Certain tree branches can also be removed that could potentially do serious damage to the home if they fall. Tree limbs can fall during an ice storm. It is a good idea to consider removing branches that could cause significant damage during an ice storm.

When a tree is first planted it may not provide much protection. You may be taller than the tree! Keep in mind how big you would like the tree to get when it reaches maturity. The size of the tree will obviously determine how much shade it provides. Keep in mind how long the tree will live. It can be frustrating to have a tree die right when it gets to the point of maximum growth. Since it takes so long for a tree to grow you want it to stay around a long time once it completes its growth. To keep a tree healthy keep it watered and fertilized, prune extraneous and weak branches, and give it a hug once in a while (j/k). If the tree drops leaves in the fall, the leaves can be used to make a mulch.

The beauty and protection of trees can be a good selling point for a home. Trees attract nature and make it feel you are closer to nature. When buying a new home where new trees will be planted find out how much control you have of choosing a type of tree and what positions they can be planted in. The trees will be with you throughout the time you will be living at the home so you might as well get off to a good start with the trees.

In conclusion, trees are an important consideration to keep in mind when buying or selling a home. They also can add protection and beauty while you are living in the home.