Selling a home can be a challenge at getting it sold when you want to and getting the price you want. You have heard that first impressions are important. This is certainly true for a home. Qualities that attract the attention of a home are beauty, cleanliness and a home feel. This essay will cover how a home can be made more attractive to a buyer as it relates to weather. Often in life it takes money to make more money. This is the case with selling a home for maximum profit.

The weather will fade outside paint. It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint will bring out newness and freshness. Consider painting any outside surface that has paint included fencing and the house. The paint will also give off that new building smell that gives the impression of freshness and newness.

Attractive trees, bushes, flowers and plants will get the attention of a potential buyer. Give the house a feel for being in nature. This will look good in photos of the home and will catch peoples attention as they drive by. Have the lawn well manicured, the trees pruned, bushes trimmed, and grass healthy. You may also consider planting a few new attractive plants that fit the climate of the area.

Areas that have run off from the drainage system will often be unattractive due to debris fanning out from this area, the grass being damaged, ground eroded or landscaping materials being spread out. Consider placing a concrete platform at these areas of runoff so that the water will not be able to erode and damage the yard as much.

Bonus features that protect from the weather can get people's attention. These include shade trees, patios, decks, alarm system, nice well protected mailbox, new roofing, and additional roof supports to help reduce wind damage. These are likely too expensive to buy just for the purpose of selling a home but if you already have them they can be a bonus selling point thus make sure to mention them.

For the inside of the home make sure door and windows are sealed for air leaks, make sure no bugs are in the home, inspect the attic for any damage, make sure no pipes are leaking, make sure stains are removed, and make sure windows are clean so potential buyers will have a perfect view out the windows.

In conclusion, there are many things that can be done to dress up a home to make it more attractive to potential buyers. A home of beauty, cleanliness and perkiness will make it more attractive.