Along with fires, weather disasters are a primarily reason home insurance is needed. Insurance is needed to insure threats from wind, hail, and flooding. Make sure to find out which weather events are covered. In the case of flooding, often a separate insurance plan is needed to have that covered.

Make sure to ask the following weather related questions:

1. What coverage is there for long-term roof damage from wind and hail storms?
2. If a hurricane hits, does flood damage mean there will be no wind damage coverage?
3. What additions can I do to my home to reduce insurance costs?
4. Is there any supplemental insurance I need to get?

When it comes to flooding, keep the following in mind:

1. If you will be living in a flood plain, even one in which flooding is rare, expect a flood. Have flood insurance.
2. Reduce the chance that flooding that can come into the home through landscaping, proper channeling of runoff and having the home on the higher ground.
3. Before moving into a new home, find out what the potential for flooding is

In conclusion, ask questions about your insurance coverage and make sure you are completely covered.