Buying a home is one of the most important decisions that can be made. To maximize the investment into the new residence it is important to be mindful of several potential weather influences. The influences that will be discussed are the sun / sun angle, precipitation, humidity, severe weather potential, and freeze potential.

In the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes the sun will take a path across the southern portion of the sky. During winter the path is closer to the horizon while in summer the path over the home is at a higher angle. A question you will want to ask yourself is what direction the house should face. If you want the maximum amount of sunlight to come through windows then have many windows facing to the south. In the winter south facing windows can contribute to warming of the home. When the sun is not needed for warming then have well made blinds and curtains to block the light. Keep in mind which rooms you want sunlight in and which ones it is not needed. Early in the day the east facing windows will have a good amount of sunlight while in the afternoon the west facing windows will have a good amount of sunlight in the home.

When buying a home it is important that rain is able to runoff quickly and efficiently from the home. It is not good to have places on the property where water is ponding for significant periods of time. Make sure the house has a good system of rain drainage. Clean out the drains that take the water from the house and onto the ground and also make sure the runoff moves efficiently from the house. During a heavy rain event watch for how well the drainage is working. If there are problems you can consider particular landscaping and drainage strategies to reduce the problem. If there are places of significant ponding consider how new drains and landscaping could reduce the problem.

Humidity is a factor that will determine the comfort level in the home. If the humidity gets very low then you may consider adding humidity. This can take some of the static out of the air, keep skin from becoming too dry and make it feel more comfortable in the home. When the humidity is too high that can create serious problems in the home, namely condensation damage and mold damage. Make sure all locations in the home are well ventilated. Mold is most likely to grow in warm, dark and humid places. While living in the home pay special attention to places that mold could grow. At the first sight of mold, have it cleaned and then make sure that location is ventilated better. If an air condition vents blows on a window in can create significant condensation when there is humidity outside. This problem can be reduced by controlling the air flow through that vent closest to the window.

A home is an investment to be protected. Weather can offer great adversity to that protection. If you will live is a location that can have severe hail and wind storms then consider having protection for all your automobiles whether through a garage or carport. During a strong rain storm check in the attic for any leaks. Moisture coming into the home will to lead to serious damage. Have the roof fixed immediately if you find any leak problems. Hail and severe winds can damage to roof. After these significant severe weather events check for any damage such as leaks developing. If you have anything in the yard that can be thrown by a severe wind then make sure it is secure during storms. If living in a location with potential hurricane winds then consider having the roof reinforced or buying a home with reinforcement against wind damage.

Freezes can cause damage to pipes and the foundation. When water freezes it expands and then contracts once it melts. This process can crack concrete and pipes. Make sure the pipes do not freeze and get them fixed if any are leaking.

In conclusion, be mindful of weather processes as they relate to your home. It will make your living experience more enjoyable.