Pets are an important part in the lives of many people. Many of the most popular pets are dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and fish. Pets can give us companionship, happiness, comfort, protection and responsibility. In turn we must provide shelter and nourishment. The weather can have an important influence of our pets. Temperature is one of the most important influences. When it is hot it is important that the pet have a continuous supply of water and shade. Pets with long and thick fur can be most affected by very hot temperatures. Keeping the fur trimmed can help reduce this heat stress. When it is cold it is important that the pet has shelter. A good shelter keeps the wind off the animal, allows the animals body heat to keep it warm and keeps it much warmer than the frigid outside temperature. Keeping pets inside on cold nights is a great idea also. If you have fish make sure the temperature stays in the optimum range. It is important that pets get exercise. Dogs love to go on walks and it exercises them. Make sure they get lots of walks during the week. Cats like to lay on warm objects. For example, a cat will often enjoy laying of a pillow in which sunlight coming through the window warms it. Cats also like to go outside and frolic. Cats tend to not like water though. The nice warm weather days are a cats' favorite. Foul outside weather can stress a pet. It is a good idea to keep them inside during high wind, storms and weather extremes. Make sure the pet has the immunizations it needs and has a tag on the collar to identify the pet.

Animals can sometimes sense a change in the weather. They can be especially perceptive to changes in air pressure. Since air pressure can decrease rapidly before a front passage or before a storm hits, animals will react to this pressure change by acting unusual and making noise. If the animals are acting funny then it is a good idea to check out the sky and the weather. People with old injuries or get inflammation from pressure changes can feel pain when the pressure lowers. Since lowering pressure brings in low pressure or storms it is during foul weather that some people feel worse than usual in their certain joints, tendons, and bones. Animals have an enhanced sensitivity over many perceptions that people have (i.e. smell, pressure change).