It is growing ever more popular for off-campus geoscience students to pursue the B.S. in Geoscience degree. The meteorology program consists of 17 courses. These courses are synonymous with courses a student would take in their "major" at a university. The student can combine these 17 courses with the other university requirements to meet all degree requirements.

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Now, here are some points that you can consider.

1. A student can take the MSU university requirements (courses outside major) through various other distance learning programs and / or at a local community college. It is possible now to take all courses through various distance learning programs and combine all the work toward a degree. You can also transfer courses to MSU taken previously that satisfy the MSU university requirements.

2. You do not have to be currently working in weather or in science to begin the geoscience courses. There are no prerequisites to taking the geoscience courses once you are accepted into Mississippi State University. You start the geoscience meteorology program by taking Introduction to Meteorology and Physical Geography in the fall semester. Give it a try and discover all the benefits to taking distance learning courses for college credit.

3. Benefits: All MSU distance learning courses are charged at the "in-state" tuition rate. The cost is about the same as taking courses in your own state. Never set foot in a class room for the geoscience courses. You can watch the DVD lectures right at home and interact with the course instructor via e-mail / bulletin board and take all tests (quizzes and exams) over the Internet using secure access. It saves time. Work a job without having to spend the time driving to class.