Mystic Haby now has some new visions. Some fascinating, some amazing and some that make me worry. Here they are:

1. In my inner eye I see a great ball of fire. This great ball will tend to rise in the east and set in the west each day. Eyes will burn if they look at it. I see this great ball of fire burning in the heavens and hiding the stars. Take cover for the massive ball of fire will travel across the sky!

2. I have visions that are coming out of Texas. It is now becoming clear. For certain, it will not snow in Texas this summer. I know this for the great soothsayer Haby has been exposed to this vision.

3. My mind spins. Yes! it rotates rapidly. I feel the air rushing violently around my mind. Oh my, I see a great whirl of wind going through Kansas in May. I predict there will be a tornado somewhere in Kansas in the month of May. Mark this fifth month for it is the month of spinning air in Kansas.

4. I see periods of nice weather and periods of rainy weather. I foretell that rainy weather will tend to be caused by low pressure and nice weather will be tend to be caused by high pressure. This tendency runs strong through my psychic veins.

5. My sage understandings point the way toward many colors. I see bands of colored light going across the sky in an arc. Wonder and amazement will consume the soul at this sight. I foresee this occurring when the sun is low on the horizon and it is raining on the opposite horizon. My mind fills with colors: from reds to greens to violets.

6. I predict record low temperatures will occur on nights that it gets colder than it ever has before on that date. Haby's supersensory mind knows this to be true. Heed this supernatural understanding and know it to be true when it happens.

7. My psychic soul is turning the color blue. Oh yes, very blue indeed. Oh, and now it turns black. I am now picturing the sky. I predict the sky will be blue on cloudless and clear air days and it will be black at night. These are special colors. I hope you like those two colors for they shall dominate on clear clean days!

8. I see certainly that it will rain in Seattle, Washington this year. Beware of rain in Seattle for soothsayer Haby sees it falling.

9. I see that when people dress more warmly the weather will turn more cold and when people dress less the weather will turn warmer. The weather is watching you!

10. And finally, I predict clouds will move in the same direction that the wind blows them toward. Let the wind be your guide for it is the guider!

Let metaphysical Haby know how many of these 10 predictions are right- my crystal ball is usually 100% accurate