Meteorologist Jeff Haby presents:

A meteorologist's weekly lunch and dinner specials

Monday lunch: Stormdog with thunderfries
Monday dinner: Rice with humid veggies and heat wave steak all covered in warm advection sauce

Tuesday lunch: Typhoon pizza (center removed)
Tuesday dinner: Sea breeze seafood with hush sundogs

Wednesday lunch: Tornado spaghetti with hot hail balls
Wednesday dinner: Warm core veal topped with thunderstruck cheese and a high CAPE sun baked potato

Thursday lunch: Meteorological goulash
Thursday dinner: Ribeye supercell with F5 sauce and stormy beans, blizzard ice cream

Friday lunch: Hurricane burger (center removed) with squall rings
Friday dinner: Cloud seeded chicken with tornado tots

Saturday lunch: Flash flood soup
Saturday dinner: High Theta-E turkey, precipitation peas and vorticity potatoes

Sunday lunch: Sleet salad with cloud to ground crackers
Sunday dinner: Heat wave enchiladas with lightning struck twice beans and sweltering rice

Drink choices:

Condensation Coke
Mountain Dew
Parcel Pepsi
Downdraft Water
Dr. Convection
Dr. Instability
Hurricane Punch
Twister Tea