The weather has an important influence on skin and hair. We have all heard about the "bad hair day", "the cracking lips" and the "dry flaky skin". This essay will focus on how to prepare for the weather's attack on the skin and lips.

Chapped lips can be painful and unbeauteous. Two weather elements that lead to chapped lips are wind and dry air. Both these elements evaporate moisture from the lips. To help prevent the chapping of lips use a chap stick. Especially put chap stick on before going outside. If it is very dry then you may need to put chap stick on multiple times per day. If it is very dry indoors then a humidifier will help out.

In a dry weather pattern the skin could begin to succumb to the dry influence. Some symptoms include reddening skin, flaky skin and dry skin. There are three solutions that when combined have a good chance of reducing the problem. First, use a humidifier in the home. Second, use a moisturizing body cleaner when bathing. Putting a dandruff shampoo not only in the hair but on the skin can help also. Third, use a moisturizing lotion during the day. The places that tend to have the most drying are the hands, knees, face and arms.

We have all heard of a "bad hair day". How does weather influence this? Two primary elements contribute to a bad hair day which are wind and high humidity. High humidity tends to curl the hair out of place. Wind can blow it out of place also. In very dry air, static conditions can also move the hair out of place. The no wind moderate humidity situation is the best for hair. It often takes some hair spray or gel to keep hair in place when it is windy and humid.

Good luck on taking care of your hair and skin!