Below are several weather word homonyms. Can you think of any others?

Air- gas of atmosphere
Ere- before
Heir- one who inherits
Err- mistake

Vane- device to measure wind direction
Vain- conceited
Vein- blood vessel

Rain- liquid precipitation
Reign- royal authority
Rein- strap to control animal movement

Dew- condensation on ground
Due- time for something to happen
Do- to perform

Freeze- turn to ice
Frees- set free
Frieze- decoration

High- elevated (such as pressure or temperature)
Hi- hello
Hie- to go quickly

Knot- unit of wind speed
Not- expressing negation
Naught- nothing

Weather- current conditions of the atmosphere at a location
Whether- deciding between possibilities

Sunny- The sun is out
Sonny- general addressing name for a guy

Cell- individual thunderstorm
Sell- put up for purchase

Fair- nice weather
Fare- to get along, fee

Lightning- electricity from a storm
Lightening- becoming less dark

Ceiling- level of clouds
Sealing- fastening

Stationary- not moving
Stationery- paper to write on

Ascent- rising
Assent- agree