Thunderstorms add wear and tear to a roof. It may take one storm to damage a roof or it can be the cumulative impact of storms over many years or a combination of both. There are several ways in which the weather elements can damage a roof. They include the impact from hail, damage from wind, thaw and freeze opening up cracks, water leaking through the rotting wood, and long term damage from the sun. Many of these factors contribute to the roof needing to be replaced after several years. One big storm though can do the damage all at once. The big events are large hail and severe wind. A hail storm or wind storm may be significant enough that the roof needs immediate attention due to leaks that are opened by the hail or wind. A leaking roof will lead to continued and further damage each time it rains.

Roof damage can result in 1000s of dollars of needed repairs, thus roof replacement is big business. The proper home insurance can substantially reduce these costs to the home owner when a replacement is needed. A new roof adds value to the home and is a primary defense from the weather. Over many years though the weather wins and a replacement is needed.