Sometimes freakish weather is an event that does not happen or an event that happens when nothing was expected. There can be an expectation for wild weather to occur and it can look like most indications are for a wild weather event but then nothing happens. There can be no threat and then a big weather event ends up happening. Below are some examples (along with a sarcastic statement) and then possible reasons the event did or did not materialize:

1. A forecast for no snow and 6 inches occurs. (Iím shoveling 6 inches of partly cloudy!)

Some explanations: Big snow just missed forecast area in another direction; specific forecast was made too far in advance of event; storm system stalled over forecast area

2. A forecast for a high chance of thunderstorms and nothing occurs. (We canceled our outdoor plans for nothing!)

Some explanations: Cap was too strong, Cold and/or dry air worked into the area too quickly, Event just missed forecast area in another direction

3. Freezing rain warning and no freezing rain occurs. (We panicked for just a cold rain!)

Some explanations: Temperature stayed just above freezing, ground temperature was too warm, cold air at surface was modified by a layer of above freezing air aloft

4. Forecast for sunny conditions and cloudy conditions occur. (The skies sure donít look blue!)

Some explanations: Ground fog did not mix out during the day, layer of cirrus occurred, lifting was stronger than anticipated, specific forecast was made too far in advance