The emotion in this writing for the weather and mood Haby Hint series is “frustration”. Frustration can be described as a feeling of being uncomfortable, having a short fuse, insecurity, dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. While any type of weather can bring out any particular emotion in any one person, this writing looks at generalizations of mood the weather can create.

Frustration can occur when the temperature is too hot or too cold. Days that are over 100 F or temperatures over 90 F with high humidity can lead to feelings of discomfort. This can make it more difficult in dealing with everyday tasks such as getting inside a roasting hot car and doing work outside. Just walking outside can cause you to sweat. Temperatures that are very cold such as below freezing can also bring out feelings of frustration. Having to warm up the car, scrape ice off the car, drive slowly and traffic problems can add to daily stress and this increases frustration.

Weather that is unwanted can lead to feelings of frustration. One example is rain on a day when there are outdoor plans. Another example is very high winds when trying to do outside activities. If there is a drought, frustration can be felt from there not being enough rain. Any type of damage or altering of routine produced by the weather can lead to feeling frustrated.