The emotion in this writing for the weather and mood Haby Hint series is “hopeful”. Hopeful can be described as a feeling of optimism, admiration, that things are turning the corner, better times are ahead and peacefulness. While any type of weather can bring out any particular emotion in any one person, this writing looks at generalizations of mood the weather can create.

A hopeful mood can be produced when the weather changes to weather that is liked by a particular person. For many people this can be warmer weather, sunnier weather and/or tranquil weather. With weather not being a hindrance to enjoying certain things, there can be feelings that things are getting better. Examples include the melting away of ice and snow on a much warmer and sunny day, several days of clouds and rain followed by sunshine, winds finally calming down after a wind storm, and temperatures that are warm in the winter.

A famous example of a weather phenomenon that can bring about feelings of hopefulness is the sight of a rainbow. The vivid colors in the sky, especially contrasting to a dull gray rainy sky, can bring about feelings of awe and wonder. It can also bring back biblical memories for some people of God’s promise to Noah to not destroy the Earth with a flood again. It can bring memories to some people of the story that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The vivid colors show all the power that visible light can produce. The rainbow sight can bring feelings of calm, peace, serenity and tranquility. The sight of the double rainbow adds even more to the feeling of awe.

Another way weather can bring about feelings of hopefulness is when a storm is not a destructive as it could have been. A hurricane weakening rapidly out at sea, a severe storm falling apart, a snow/ice storm not materializing and a storm that does not produce as much damage or loss of life as it could have are examples of hopefulness that can be felt during and after the event. It is the feeling that things are going to be okay and things are turning around for the better.