This series of Haby Hints examines moods that can be created by weather. The emotion in this writing is gloomy. A gloomy mood can be described as showing displeasure, feeling melancholy, feeling pessimistic, and feeling things are not going well. While any type of weather can bring out any particular emotion in any one person, this writing looks at generalizations of mood the weather can create.

Gloomy is a word that is both used to describe the weather and a human emotion. Characteristics of gloomy weather include partial darkness, dampness, thick cloud cover, and rainy. Other characteristics can include cold cloudy weather, hours of persistent precipitation, hours of foggy conditions, day after day of below freezing temperatures, persistent icy conditions, weather that cancels outdoor plans, and many hours or days without sunshine.

The darkness created by the weather and the inconveniences from weather events such as rain, snow, fog, clouds and short winter days can create feelings of sluggishness. This weather can cause more people to have to stay indoors. There is no sunshine to spark feelings of energy and warmth.

People can be more pessimistic and less active when the weather is gloomy (doing less, staying home more). Boredom can set in when there is less ability to enjoy outdoor activities due to glum weather.