This next series of Haby Hints will examine moods that can be created by the weather. The first emotion that will be examined is happy. A happy mood can be described as showing pleasure, feeling cheerful, feeling optimistic and feeling things are fitting and going well. While any type of weather can bring out any particular emotion in any one person, this writing looks at generalizations of mood the weather can create.

A feeling of happiness can be created by weather outside that is mild/warm in temperature, sunny, with just a light breeze. This is especially true if the weather is nicer than it typically is for a given time of year. For example, several clouds days with temperatures in the 30s and 40s following by a couple of days with sunny weather and temperatures near 70. The shift in the weather to warmer and sunnier conditions can promote a feeling of happiness and extra energy.

The light from the sun can make a person feel more awake. This shift to feeling more awake with more energy can bring out happy feelings. The sun is out longer in the warm half of the year, temperatures are warmer, and in many places there is less cloud cover to block the sun. The extra sunshine in late spring, summer and early fall can spark extra energy.

People can be more active when the weather is nice (working out, shopping, eating out). Being out and doing things outside of the home can bring out happy feelings in many people. Stores especially love weekends that have mild, nice, sunny weather. Sales and tips are often higher when people feel happier.