This next writing focuses on air quality within the urban environment. While efforts and results will occur on making transportation and industry more energy efficient, it will be partially offset by the continuing increase of the urban population. People migrating to urban areas and the overall world population increasing will ensure urban areas continue to grow. This means more cars on the roads and more industry. The demand for fossil fuels will increase in order to sustain the growing urban areas. Known reserves of coal, natural gas and oil will continue to be mined and retrieved. New reserves will be found and developed. Eventually the world supply of these resources will be depleted but it could be centuries before the current resources and newly discovered reserves are totally depleted. During this time other sources of energy will be increasingly more important. However, for the next century and beyond, poor air quality will continue to be a problem in urban areas due to fossil fuel emissions.

The results of poor air quality include allergies, asthma, lowered visibility, and general health issues. The particulates in the air can make it more difficult to breath. The body’s reaction to certain particulates in the air can cause or intensify allergies. The particulates in the air can produce a white or brown haze in the air. If the humidity is high it can lead to denser fog.

There are several things that can be done for humans to adapt to these conditions and lessen the severity. One way is to stay in close contact with a primary doctor and specialists on how to reduce the negative health influences from poor air quality. Another way is to reduce emissions by focusing on energy efficient transportation and home appliances. Maintaining clean air in the home environment is important also. Inside air can sometimes be less clean than outside air. Make sure the home environment air is safe and clean. Also, making the issue of air quality an important political issue helps since many of the changes to safeguard the air will come from elected officials.