In this final writing on secluded meteorology we look at being stuck in the middle of a large rainforest. While it may seem like a fairly easy environment to endure due to abundant fresh water and lush vegetation, it is actually a very challenging environment especially for those that are not prepared. One challenge is the difficulty in moving. The thick vegetation makes it difficult to move rapidly when there are no access to road systems. Another challenge is the constant high humidity. This can contribute to skin diseases and an inability to keep dry. Another challenge is the dangers from wildlife. There are many poisonous animals and plants. It is difficult to know what is safe to eat without prior knowledge. It can be easy to get disorientated due to not being able to see the sky well through the thick trees. It can be easy to take a wrong step within the thick undergrowth. Although there is plenty of moisture, the high heat and humidity can result in a rapid loss of fluids since it is difficult to keep the body cool. Having fresh water is critical. Humidity and temperature tend to be high day and night. A fresh cooling wind is often not available since the thick vegetation slows the air by friction. Many adaptations have to be learned in order to live permanently in this environment.