The fourth secluded area we examine is in the middle of a hot desert. Factors that make a hot desert include: interior of continent, rain shadow mountain ranges, subtropical latitude, low elevation, and very little inflow of moisture. The interior of the continent helps make conditions hotter in the low latitudes since the sun is heating up land that has a low heat capacity and moisture sources that could help cool the climate are far away. Mountain ranges can block moisture from moving into the interior of the continent. This is done by damming the moisture on one side of the mountain range and squeezing out the moisture as rain and snow on the windward side of the mountain range. Once the air moves on the leeside it sinks and thus warms and dries which helps contribute to a dry climate. A subtropical latitude contributes to hotter weather since there is abundant direct sunlight year round while at the same time being far enough from the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone that clouds and rain are typically lacking. The sun is close to being overhead in the middle of the day which can produce extreme warming of dry land. This latitude is also dominated by high pressure systems. These high pressure systems produce sinking air which helps the climate to be hotter and drier. The low elevation helps make it hotter since temperature typically decreases with height. Being near sea level on land in the subtropics in the interior of a continent is often very hot. With little moisture present, this helps temperatures warm also. Water has a high heat capacity which helps keep the air cooler. Clouds reflect some sun energy which helps cool the weather. With not enough moisture to produce significant clouds and little moisture on the ground to absorb solar energy, the land can warm to very high temperatures.

Surviving in this type of environment requires have a supply of water, food, loose reflective clothing, and survival gear/clothing. Large amounts of water can be lost by perspiration in a short amount of time. Water is critical. Living in these conditions requires having hardy animals, the ability to get supplies and ways to keep a person cool. Living in these conditions is certainly a challenge and worthy to be considered a harsh environment to endure.