The sun can make a significant difference in the comfort that is generated in a home. During the day, certain windows are going to experience more sunlight than others. These windows and rooms will tend to be warmer. Letting in more sunlight can be strategically used to add more warmth to the home when it is cold outside. This helps reduce the heating bill. At night, it is better to keep curtains or blinds closed over the window when it is cold outside so that the room stays a little warmer.

In the summer, too much sunlight can make the home environment too warm. Specially designed windows can reduce the amount of solar radiation that passes through the window and can reduce the amount of heat buildup that occurs at the window. Curtains and tinting can also reduce the amount of warmth that comes through a window.

Tall and full trees can also help reduce the amount of sunlight that strikes a home. In the case of a deciduous tree, the tree will lose leaves in winter allowing more sunlight to strike the home. This can help warm the home when it is cold outside. In summer, the leaves will act to block sunlight which helps keep the home cooler.