Broadcast meteorology is often the face of meteorology. The weather broadcaster is the face of weather information and the weather broadcaster has significant public exposure. People that appreciate exposure and have a passion for communication with others will find this aspect of broadcast meteorology rewarding.

One reward of broadcast meteorology is being able to monitor the weather on a daily basis, forecast that weather and communicate that weather. This is the perfect job when it comes to combining passions in weather forecasting and communication with others. In many markets, the weather is changeful and this keeps each day at the TV station unique. There can be something different and interesting to talk about each day. One of the favorite topics of conversation and opening lines of conversation for many people is the weather! The weather is on many people’s mind and the weather broadcaster gets to talk about it in detail!

Even with all the public exposure, while at work there is significant time for being able to do work on your own and make your own decisions about what to place on some of the graphics, what numbers to place in the forecast and what to focus on during the weather broadcast. One can go from working on his or her own for part of the day to being seen by multitudes of people later in the day.

There are awards that weather broadcasters can win such as Emmy awards. Awards like this recognize greatness in television broadcasting and media. These look great on the resume’ and provide great recognition for the hard work and positive results from weather broadcasting.

Other rewards of weather broadcasting include:

1) saving lives and property when providing severe weather information
2) teaching others to understand more about weather, the interactions with teaching school kids on school visits
3) getting the opportunity to dress in nice professional clothes each day, especially if a clothing allowance can be worked into the contract
4) helping the community