The blame game is in full effect on the Hurricane Katrina disaster in Louisiana and Mississippi. Who really is to blame? Here is a look at those who have been called accountable:

1. Blame Federal government- As with any governmental bureaucracy, aid is slow and lots of red tape gets in the way. Money is mismanaged and money is paid out slowly. The levees are left to weaken over time until Katrina hits. Money is spent on Iraq that could be spent here at home to serve and help our citizens.

Federal comeback: Why are you living in a hurricane prone area that is under sea level? Shouldn't you be accountable for your own evacuation? Why should people in other states pay for your walls to keep water out of your city?

2. Blame State government- State national guard units were needed quicker. The State and red tape block the federal government from quickly giving some of the assistance.

State comeback: There should have been more leadership from Washington D.C. The federal government did not take the situation seriously in the days following Katrina. The State does not have the resources that the federal government has.

3. Blame Local Government: The plan was nonexistent to evacuate those without their own transportation. Evacuation order could have been sent out a day sooner. The Superdoom should have been built to withstand stronger wind and more resources were needed.

Local Comeback: This is a disaster that no local government can handle alone. This is a national emergency and all tax payers in the U.S. should help. The federal government was not prepared to handle this national emergency.

4. Blame Citizens: There should have been more of an outcry to strengthen the levee. Many citizens assumed incorrectly that the government would fully pay for people to live safely below sea level. The population was increasing, the city is sinking and most of the city is below sea level. It is a recipe for disaster to live in such a place.

Citizens comeback: The role of the government should be to protect the citizens. No one stopped us from living here so you need to protect us. The local, state and federal governments all let us down.