The following statements are commonly used in broadcast meteorology. While most of the statements have been around a long time and simplify concepts, the statements can be misinterpreted, unclear or are not completely accurate. You may run across comments that these statements should not be used in weathercasts but you may not be offered an alternate statement to say. This Haby Hint gives alternative statements.

Statement 1: "This rain is produced by overrunning"

More correct statement: "This rain is produced by a gradual lifting of saturated air"

Statement 2: "This is wrap-around precipitation"

More correct statement: "Lifting of relatively moist and saturated air is generating precipitation on the back side of the system" Instead of the word precipitation though indicate the precipitation type(s) reaching the surface.

Statement 3: "Clocks are moved forward an hour giving an extra hour of daylight"

More correct statement: "Clocks are moved forward an hour causing the sunrise and sunset to be an hour later"

Statement 4: "Warm air holds more moisture than cold air"

More correct statement: "There is more moisture in warm saturated air than cold saturated air" or "Warmer air has the potential to evaporate more moisture than colder air"

Statement 5: "Clouds act like a blanket"

More correct statement: "Clouds keep temperatures warmer than they otherwise would at night due to clouds absorbing and emitting heat energy"

Statement 6: "High dewpoints are making the air feel heavy"

More correct statement: "The high dewpoints are making it more uncomfortable to be outside"

Statement 7: "The wind is making it colder"

More correct statement: "The wind is making it seem colder to exposed skin"

Statement 8: "The weather is nice"

More correct statement: "The weather is nice for outdoor activities"

Statement 9: "thundershower"

More correct statement: "thunderstorm"

Statement 10: "The extended forecast is for ....."

More correct statement: "the extended forecast is for a chance of ....."