10. Meteorologist in the Air Force as an officer: Travel, high pay, secure job, benefits, forecasting experience

9. Storm Prediction Center forecaster: strong meteorological expertise, forecast for big ticket weather events, discussions read by many other meteorologists

8. Federal government meteorologist: pay raises, benefits, secure job, involved in day to day forecasting and/or weather research

7. Meteorologist for The Weather Channel: great working environment, public exposure, technology, variety of forecasting/broadcasting/meteorology jobs

6. Tenured meteorology professor at schools such as Penn State, Oklahoma, Florida State, Colorado State, Miami, and Texas A&M: cutting edge meteorology research, high salary, expert in field, high technology, benefits, secure job

5. Weather Channel on-location meteorologist and reporter: travel to see big ticket weather events, large public exposure, eyes and ears for the rest of us stuck at home

4. Chief meteorologist in television in top 20 market or a top severe weather market: public exposure, high pay, great attention to big ticket severe weather events

3. National Weather Service Lead Forecaster/ Meteorologist in-charge: high pay, strong meteorological expertise, benefits

2. Independently wealthy storm chaser: travel to see severe weather events, photograph weather any time of year, no boss, interviews, make own decisions, independent perspective

1. Storm chaser and researcher for National Severe Storms Laboratory: travel to see weather events, live in great Plains chase country, cutting edge severe weather research

Honorable mentions:

Model tweakers: Those behind the scenes people that develop and improve the synoptic and mesoscale forecast models, huge benefits to forecasting, endless pursuit to better solve the equations and physical processes of the atmosphere

Owner of private forecasting company: the boss, serve meteorology interests within the private sector, high pay if company suceeds

Forensic meteorologist: court cases, expert witness, often done as a part time job