A heavy accumulation of ice will cause serious problems. Heavy snow can strand people for days. Freezing rain can knock out power for days. The following is a list of advice to keep you prepared for when the next ice storm hits:

1. Make sure to not be on the roads when the storm hits. Traffic accidents increase during icing events. People can become stranded on the road when the storm hits.

2. Light will be important to have since the electricity is likely to go out. Keep a large cache of candles and flashlights. Keep the batteries in there original container so that you can insure to have fresh batteries when the storm hits. Have a container of matches. Make sure all candles are lit in a safe area.

3. Keep a battery operated radio and mini-TV. Information will be very valuable after the ice storm hits and the power is out.

4. Keep a supply of nonperishable food that requires no cooking. Make sure to have a manual can opener. Avoid waiting in long lines at the grocery store. Have the supplies on hand at the start of the winter season.

5. If the pipes freeze you will want to have water stored. Buy several 10 or 20 gallon containers to store water inside before the storm hits.

6. Have a backup power supply in case the power goes out. Have heaters that can be used to run off of generator power. Make sure the heaters are as energy efficient as possible. Have a supply of wood for making warm fires in the fire place. A surprising amount of warmth can be produced from candles also. Make sure your backup energy source can run safely and will not build up dangerous fumes in the home.

7. Make sure the elderly and others that are vulnerable to a power outage are taken care of.

8. Dress in layers of clothing to keep warm when the power goes out.

9. Seal windows and doors better so that less cold air is able to filter into the home.

10. Before the storm hits set the refrigerator / freezer on the coldest setting. Freeze water inside plastic containers. These blocks of ice will help it to stay cooler inside the refrigerator / freezer when the power goes out. Food that would spoil can be placed in a container outside where the cold air will keep it fresh.

11. If for some reason you do have to drive in the storm make sure to have the following:
a. Have a battery operated TV, radio, flashlight, cell phone, heater
b. Have a traction substance such as kitty litter / car chains
c. Drive slowly and with extreme caution
d. Have some ready to eat food
e. Try to keep gas tank at least 1/2 full
f. If under winter storm or very cold conditions and your car becomes stranded, do NOT leave the car. Display a trouble sign. Occasionally run the engine to keep warm. Make sure ventilation is enough to not allow a dangerous build-up of hazardous fumes in the car. Keep yourself well covered and stretch occasionally.