The heaviest rainfall (heavy amount of rain in a short amount of time) occurs from moisture rich convective clouds. The drops from these convective clouds are very large and splash the ground like water balloons falling from the sky. Many of these raindrops are drops from hailstones that have melted before reaching the surface. If heavy rain is converged together by winds as it falls the rain intensity can be darn right outrageous. Rates of several inches per hour are not uncommon when a slow moving moisture bloated downdraft bombards a location. These events can be amazing to watch. The drops are so inflatedly big and numerous that the noise outside can be deafening. Wind gusts will arrange the drops into curtains and sheets as they fall. Someone standing in the rain can get soaked from head to toe in a matter of seconds. Below are several terms used to describe these powerful rain storms:

1. Niagara Falls rain
2. Gully washer
3. Sheet and curtains of rain
4. Torrent rain
5. Rain falling in buckets
6. Raining cats and dogs
7. Rain deluge
8. Drencher rain
9. Downpour / Pourdown
10. Soaker of a rain