There are several ways to expand upon your present weather forecasting skill. Ten ways to improve skill are:

(1) Set up a map room. Have all the important analysis and forecast charts printed out and up to date. It is best to be able to look at many of the charts at the same time. Have quick access to model data and other weather data on the computer.

(2) Forecast contests. Test your forecasting skill with other forecasters and learn from yours and other forecaster's mistakes.

(3) Surf weather web sites. Almost all important meteorological data is on the net. Use help menus and your own curiosity to learn.

(4) Read NWA/AMS journals.

(5) Re-read Introduction to Meteorology textbook. A surprising amount of forecast knowledge is available from introductory textbooks. Introductory textbooks tend to have better physical descriptions of the atmosphere than more advanced books (i.e. pictures, captions) and express information in more everyday language.

(6) First hand experience. This is accomplished through on the job experience, watching the sky on a daily basis, and studying how the forecast models relate to the real atmosphere.

(7) Mentors. Mentors include textbook authors (reading increases knowledge), professors, chief meteorologists, more experienced meteorologists.

(8) Increase computer knowledge / upgrade computers. Those with the most advanced computers and computer knowledge most efficiently learn forecasting as it relates to using meteorological computer software. They are also able to retrieve data more quickly and efficiently.

(9) Keep a forecasting journal. This helps you determine how correct or incorrect your forecasting has been over an extended period of time. To become a better forecaster it is important to study past mistakes and tendencies.

(10) Research. Ask questions and find answers to various questions you have about forecasting.

The following links will also help increase forecast knowledge: