This would be a good opportunity to mention the correct things to do if a tornado approaches.

1. If in a house: Get to the center of the house (prefer an interior closet or bathroom) and get low to the ground. If you have a basement, that is even better.

2. If you are in a mobile home or trailer, the structure will most likely topple no matter where you go in the mobile home. Best advice is to leave for a sturdy building, or find a ditch and get down low.

3. If your driving, it is often said to get out of your car immediately and find shelter! Storm chasers will generally be able to outride the tornadoes (because they position themselves on the back end of the storm). Proper positioning will not always be the case though for the average motorist (especially for those not experienced with tornado chasing). If the tornado is gaining on you more than you can outpace it, you will have to abandon the car for a sturdy building or find a low-lying area (ditch). Many times the tornado can not be outpaced due to debris in the road, slick roads, and traffic getting in the way. Rarely will you be able to floor your car to 100 mph+ to get out of the way of the tornadoes path.

4. Get away from all windows! The tornado's wind does the damage

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