Mr. Jeff Haby grew up in the Dallas, Texas area and was interested in weather from an early age. He began his formal studies in meteorology by attending the prestigious School of Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. In 1995 he received the Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Haby then enrolled in graduate school at Mississippi State University and completed studies in Geosciences and Broadcast Meteorology. In graduate school Mr. Haby worked an assistantship under the direction of Dr. Mark Binkley performing instruction in the nationally recognized distance learning Broadcast Meteorology Program. On-campus meteorology coursework completed by Mr. Haby was taught by the distinguished operational meteorologist, Dr. David Arnold. In 1998 he received the Master of Science in Geosciences from Mississippi State University. Since 1998, Mr. Haby has been a Geoscience and Meteorology instructor at Mississippi State University. He has taught every meteorology course in the distance learning program including: Introduction to Meteorology, Severe Weather, Synoptic Meteorology 1 and 2, Satellite and Radar Meteorology, Thermodynamic Meteorology, Weather Prediction 1 and 2, and Oceanography. Mr. Haby also teaches the on-campus weather analysis courses. Since the year 2000, Mr. Haby has launched website. The website was developed to benefit his hundreds of current and past students as well as the web community at large. Mr. Haby is a huge Oklahoma Sooner football and basketball fan as well as a fan of all the Dallas and Denver sports teams. He also enjoys exercise, watching ESPN/CNN/FOXNEWS and of course answering meteorology questions. Mr. Haby now lives in the Denver, Colorado area.