Weather is a vocation that many young people become interested in. The biggest exposure a young person gets to the weather are the broadcasters on TV, watching weather outside and learning about how to prepare for the weather. Weather observing and weather forecasting are job functions that come out of the field of meteorology. Meteorology is a branch of science that focuses on understanding the atmosphere. Meteorology is based on math and physics. A person going through high school should focus on and take as many math, science, communication and computer courses as possible.

If you want to work for the National Weather Service or forecast for a private weather forecasting company then it is important to get a college degree in meteorology or atmosphere science. There are many colleges that have this major. The program will be heavy in math and physics thus make sure to be prepared for it. There will also be opportunities to learn weather analysis, weather forecasting, and storm observing.

If you want to work as a broadcast meteorologist then make sure to take communication courses along with the meteorology courses. Also, it is important to intern at a TV station before completing the college degree.

Another great option for learning and working in the field of meteorology is to enlist in the Navy or Air Force and go through their training and weather positions. This training does not require a college degree thus you can start this career after high school.